Hoping for another home-run like the Macaque Garden, I took another long detour to see what I would find.

Following the road up towards Fairy Waterfall, I took a turn into the hills, following signs that promised a leisure farm and plenty of other things that I didn’t quite understand. For a good 10 minutes, I saw little aside from the usual farms and mountain scenery. 20161211_102418.jpg

Eventually, I came to a large business, complete with statues and a huge yard. I couldn’t read the sign so I went in.

If you can read this, you’re probably laughing now.

I made my way around the yard and up the steps of the temple, snapping pictures and wondering what exactly I’d come across. There were flowers, statues and furnaces to burn ghost money. All very peaceful.20161211_103204.jpg

It wan’t until I went inside the main building and saw the words “Funeral Services Association of Taiwan” that I realized where I was. Definitely scenic but not the kind of place I’m going to choose for future, romantic dates. Moving on.

I continued along and the road got gradually steeper and steeper. It was almost to the point where the scooter couldn’t power itself and my own fat ass up the hill when the road ended in a fruit plantation

bananas, lychee and citrus fruits


A poly-culture of fruit trees and gourds for ground cover
Taro and gourds
a pond where irrigation water is presumably sourced
I don’t know what climbs papaya trees to eat the fruit, but its fucked if it tries to climb this one.

I’ve determined that this may be an excellent refuge when the zombie apocalypse arrives, depending on weather they are the type of zombies that get infected, die then rise, or if they are the kind that spontaneously rise from the grave in which case, the funeral home could be a potential source of trouble. Barring the possibility of the dead marching en mass from the funeral home, the mountain farm has: water, food, shelter and is surrounded by steep, largely impassible hills, making it very defensible.

When you travel off the beaten path, you never know what you will find. Sometimes its great, sometimes terrible, and sometimes mediocre. Other times, you find an apocalypse hideout. It’s not an adventure if you already know the outcome!