The Filipinas got together for an early Christmas celebration at a Filipino KTV and Yours Truly received an invite as well. Turn the volume down before watching these videos! The girls let off like a pack of banshees at the end of every contest and anyone in your immediate surrounding is apt to assume you are watching a Celine Dion music video.

Filipino people are so fun and full of life, especially after a few shots of Emperador. As much as I love Taiwanese people, I have never seen a group of locals let loose like this! After eating and drinking, the games began. The music mostly forgotten, they began with a series of contests, the likes of which I have never seen.

First up was the blindfolded banana-eating contest. There are some pretty obvious innuendos to make here, but I’ll leave that to you. Leave your college-aged humor in the comments below.

Next is the egg and spoon race with a twist. The eggs are kumquats and the spoons are held in the mouth. Notice an oral pattern here? Nah, me neither. I’m too much of a gentleman for that kind of low-brow humor.

Ahhhhhh! No, nobody’s feet are burning off. It’s a dozen Filipinas in a soundproof room. The volume increases as the games become more ridiculous and this variation of Musical Chairs approaches the limits of “socially acceptable”. When the music stops, you have a few seconds to be standing on one of the few pieces of newspaper on the ground that get folded smaller and smaller each round. If there is no more space, you must be riding piggyback on someone else who is.

The last game I stayed for was synchronized dancing. This aspiring girl band worked out a pattern of dance moves and once the game began, any slip up would result in elimination. As you can see, they aren’t yet ready to challenge The Spice Girls. Maybe more practice and less drinking is in order.

While these aren’t the same drinking games I played through high school and college, this party certainly beats the hell out of Beer Pong and Truth or Dare. I’ll definitely accept the next invitation to a Filipino KTV party.