Fairy Waterfall is a place in Taiping that seems to be more well known to foreigners than the locals. The main attraction is the waterfall itself, where people jump off of the falls into the pool next to the “no swimming” sign. The few locals that go there are usually attracted by the prospect of fishing or a scenic BBQ. May, Sapphire and I went to hike up to the lychee farm at the top of the hill.

There is a road that leads all the way up to the lychee plantation but it is overgrown and damaged from mudslides. I can imagine that the plantation it is accesible by car only for the few weeks after necessary annual repairs are made to get the fruit to market, and then  the road is demolished by Mother Nature. When we went, it wasn’t even accecible by scooter. That’s alright. My fat dog needed the exercise.fairy waterfall scenery.jpg

Halfway up, we encountered a rope tied off to allow safe decent to the stream below. I figured that there must be something cool or at least a good fishing spot down there, so we decended. Sappphire had to be carried half the way down (and up), and when May insisted on the same treatment, I suggested that I film her whinning and post it on the internet. Needless to say, she made the desent by herself.

There wasn’t anything cool and it wasn’t a particularly good fishing spot. Nevertheless, May caught some fish, I caught some freshwater crab, started a fire, and cooked our catch, and Sapphire went swimming then complained about being wet.

fish fairy waterfall.jpg

Finishing up our impromptu lunch, we continued our hike. I pointed out the plants I recognized and their: edible, medicinal, and other uses. May did an admirable job of pretending to be interested. The three of us eventually made it to the lychee plantation but something was missing: there were no lychee trees! I don’t mean the trees were dead or neglected; I mean they had pulled a Houdinin and disapeared!20161120_125420.jpg

An abandoned, sheet-metal shack marked the end of our hike. It clearly hadn’t been lived in or maintained in a long while and was filled with trash and dust. I’m sure I can get it fixed up and cleaned when the next zombie apocalypse makes it necessary but I’ll have to improve my fishing skills in the meantime since the lychee trees are gone. A hungry zombie killer is an innefective zombie killer. 20161120_125925.jpg

This was a delightful hike for those of you who would like to get out into nature without the crowds or the old people blaring crappy music on their portable stereos (if you have been hiking here, you know what i’m talking about). It’s pretty far off the beaten path so you are much more likely to see: butterflies, snakes, bugs, birds and monkeys than you would on a more heavily used hiking trail. That, to me, makes it worth visiting.

sapphire fairy waterfall.jpg
Sapphire approves this hike.