Let me start by saying: I use broad generalizations out of necessity. Any time one talks about a population of 22 million people, there are going to be many exceptions. Furthermore, I only speak from my own experience so others’ experience may vary. “generally” and “in my experience” is implicit throughout the following article.

Taiwanese girls have an undeserved reputation for being so ridiculously easy to bed that they need to change their pantie liners every time a white man walks by. Many a foreigner (or jealous local boy) will repeat this stereotype backed with first or second hand experience. On the other hand, many locals will insist that “good” girls stay far away from foreigners and their promiscuous ways. The truth is somewhere in between.

Women of “loose morals” exist in every country and Taiwan is no exception. Furthermore, the ones that frequent the foreign scene are anything but representative of the general population. Wether the easy girls are drawn to the foreign scene or foreigners bring out their inner sexual being (the chicken or the egg) the barflies tend to get “passed around” the foreign community. I’m not one to judge a ho’s lifestyle decisions (I love slutty girls!), but Taiwan is much more sexually conservative than a night at the foreign bars would suggest. I’m reasonably certain that this is where the “Taiwanese girls are easy” reputation comes from.

On the other extreme, if you are looking for virginal wife material, or at least a girl who your friends haven’t all already had a turn with, that exists here too (just like any other culture). The locals tend to believe that Taiwanese girls, with the exception of those dreaded, foreigner-crazed barflies, all lose their virginity on their wedding night. This extreme isn’t common either.

To meet the true Average Jill of Taiwan, you’re best off learning some Chinese. Speaking Chinese gives you access to experiences that you just can’t otherwise have and allows you to meet people you otherwise couldn’t. This includes girls who your non-Chinese speaking friends haven’t already had a turn with. Furthermore, they aren’t going to show the same hyper-inflated perception of their own value that comes with getting plowed by every foreign buck in the city. This does NOT mean that all non-English speaking girls are untarnished angels waiting for the likes of you to come make them a little less innocent. The Taiwanese tend towards neither extreme. The non-English speaking locals are just more representative of the general population: regular girls who neither want to get pumped and dumped every weekend, nor die lonely.

What are Taiwanese girls like compared to other countries and how difficult is it to bed them? Since I am not the international playboy that is qualified to answer this question without any bias, I can only point out the obvious facts that frequently get overlooked. If you have tight game and a physique like a Greek statue then, like anywhere else, you are going to slay poon like a samurai warrior. If you have weak game, poor physique, and questionable hygiene then, like anywhere else, legs will slam closed as you walk by. That being said, foreigners have a huge leg up.  Exotic is attractive in any culture and Western men have the same dating advantage in Asia that Asian women enjoy in the West. Make no mistake, I have met the occasional, disappointed white guy who couldn’t get laid to save his life (say it with me) “like anywhere else”.

Just how easy is it for a white guy to get his D wet here? Imagine getting a bonus 2 ponts on the 1-10 scale. This is an improvement to be sure, but it’s certainly not enough to go from jerking off every weekend to “eye of the pussy storm”. However, I will say that the girls here are not only many times more attractive than their Western counterparts, but your own perceived value, as an exotic foreigner, is significantly increased when you step off the plan. I can’t tell you how hard it will be for any individual to get the girl of his dreams, but the girl(s) you do get with will be far more attractive and nicer than anyone you would dare hope for in the West.

The girls that get passed around the foreign community make the rest of Taiwanese girls seem easier than they are, but that’s not to say that Average Jill is unattainable either. If you are reasonably desirable yourself then dating may or may not be easier here, but the girls you do get with will be of a quality that is all but non-existant in the West.


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