I’ve heard many time, before and since arriving, that Asian condoms weren’t going to fit my giant, American cock. Many a Westerner has also claimed that Asian condoms just aren’t big enough to fit his gargantuan junk. Is this just Western men boasting about plus-plus sized tally whackers to steal away all the local women? Or are Asian condoms really only suitable for the little guy? Maybe this will answer your question:

What I have here is a Safeway brand condom. I’m not sure what country it’s made for specifically but the package is written in Chinese, it’s made in Thailand, and the company is called Thai Nippon Rubber Industry CO (Nippon is the Japanese name for Japan). Safe to say, it was manufactured for Asian men. Anyways, to address the claim that Asian condoms wont fit Western men…

These webbed fingers will make shooting really hard when the zombie apocalypse arrives but it will make swimming so much easier when global warming submerges all the land. 

Perhaps I am underestimating the size of the average man in my native half of the world, but my staff of love is nowhere near the size of my arm, so I suspect that Safeway condoms are more than enough to protect Little Rocky during his own “Asian Adventures”. As a matter of fact, if I were this big, that might be too much of a good thing if you know what I’m saying. Come clobberin’ time, my girl would likely scream and run away.

Are Asian condoms smaller? To answer your question: it really doesn’t matter. I think that we can agree that condoms are a “one size fits all” kind of deal.