Wentworth brings out the best, or the worst of me, depending on your perspective. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh when looking back over our conversations. Below is one such exchange (edited for spelling, inside jokes and gross punctuation mistakes).

Rocky: Still got your GoPro? I’ll buy it and the accessories off you.

Wentworth: Yeah, I do. I don’t have the selfie stick but I have everything else.

Rocky: What do you think is a fair price for it?

Wentworth: Dude, pay for shipping and if you ever come back to USA, just give it back to me.

Rocky: Sounds like a deal. What happened with the selfie stick?

Wentworth: They confiscated it at the airport. The didn’t want me beating terrorists over the head with it.

Rocky: No shit? What kind of damage are you going to do with a flimsy selfie stick that you aren’t going to do with your bare hands?

Wentworth: They said “Mr Wentworth, that’s not a terrorist. She’s just Muslim.

Rocky: I presume there was an event that preceded this?

Wentworth: I said “screw you. I will protect and serve and you will like it”. Bam, bam, bam.

Rocky: Do it for ‘Murica, Jarhead. (Wentworth is a retried US Marine).

Wentworth: You don’t need it anyways. Knowing you, there is a good bamboo shaft and twine out there begging to made into a selfie stick. I don;t recommend it unless you’re sure but….

Rocky: That’s what duct tape is for, brah.

Wentworth: With Taiwan getting more exposure as a tourist/ expat hotspot, tours catering to foreigners may be lucrative. Something you might want to look into.

Rocky: There will be plenty of that, but I mostly want to blog to guys like us: those who crave adventure. I’ve been to at least 10 events this month that would have made awesome entries. I’ll bring that GoPro on my adventure/dates too. Those PUA fags would love that!

Wentworth: Lol. Let me know when you get a blog. I want to read it.

Rocky: Will do.

-Rocky (and Wentworth, I guess)