Today’s “How have you made it this far in life” post is brought to you by the person who can’t figure out that they should stop at the end of our driveway, regardless of the lack of a stop sign.

A client comes in to buy food. She says she has a suggestion about our “road”. We think she’s going to bitch about the pot holes because this is typical. No, she wants a stop sign at the end of the driveway. Because she didn’t know where to stop, and pulled out into traffic and almost got hit.

We explained to her that 1) we are not in charge of where the City of Mount Vernon places stop signs, 2) our “road” is actually considered a long driveway so it is unlikely the city would place a sign there anyway. She asked why we couldn’t just put up a sign. Um, because that space belongs to another business, and I’m pretty sure we can’t just go around putting up road signs. I’m not a city planner or anything, but I’d guess there are laws against that.

Because, I guess when coming to the end of a long driveway that intersects with a very busy 4 lane road, you need a stop sign to tell you not to pull out into traffic without stopping and looking?


 Dr Baker is a loving wife, mother, sister and eldest daughter. She is a certified DVM, specializing in canine behavior psychology. Her pet peeves include: native speakers misusing the English language and morons killing their animals by following Googles’ advice over that of a real veterinarian.