Id been receiving a lot of criticism for haters about my pooor spelling, grammar and “layout” of the blog. At first, I’d assumed that someone had found a mistake or two and, in typical hater fasion, announced to the world that those mistakes discredit the overall content of my articles. Ol’ Rocky isn’t above admitting when he’s wrong…

I took a look at some of my posts and was embarrased! There are words cut off and dropped ot the next line and paragraphs split up for no dicernable reason. It was difficult for even me to read and I WROTE the motherfucker! I’ve since figured out that copy-pasting from workd prcessing programs causes HTML problems and that I’ll have to do all of my typing on WordPress itself from now on.

I will not be going back and rewritting my previous posts unless I can figure out any other method of fixing them aside from typing them out all over again. Even then, im most likely to only fix the articles that get the most attention.

To my readers: you can expect a better layout in my future articles in the future. You can expect the grammar and spelling mistakes to gradually disapear as well as I gain more experience (I was always bad at proofreading).

Please understand that many of the articles that wil be published this Monday have already been written and, as I stated, i’m not going to go back and retype all of them. It is a far better investment of my limited time and energy to: reply to comments, promote the blog and, most of all, create new content for you.