So I seriously got into an argument with my creepy neighbor about feeding our animals over the fence. Because apparently when someone asks you to not feed their animals over the fence, its appropriate to argue about it?
Him: *approaches fence and starts tossing apples pieces over as I’m standing right there*
Me: Please don’t feed our animals over the fence. They are on a specific diet. And I’m pretty sure my husband asked you not to a few weeks back…
Him: No he didn’t.
Me: Regardless – don’t do it.

Him: These are premium apples.

Me: I don’t care if they’re premium apples, don’t do it.

Him: But they like them.

Me: Well, I like donuts but its not good for me to eat them all day every day.
Him: Your husband didn’t ask me not to feed them.

Me: Actually, he did. He told you not to feed them the day you bitched to him about the fact that our electric fence is, in fact, electric & you had gotten shocked. I believe his exact words were, “You wouldn’t have gotten zapped if you weren’t reaching over our fence to feed the horses apples. Don’t feed the horses (or cows) over the fence. In fact, don’t feed them period.”

Him: Do you want some apples?

Me: OMFG NO! Just STOP!!!!!


 Dr Baker is a loving wife, mother, sister and eldest daughter. She is a certified DVM, specializing in canine behavior psychology. Her pet peeves include: native speakers misusing the English language and morons killing their animals by following Googles’ advice over that of a real veterinarian.