For every Asian girl I have ever met, taking pictures is the most important part of any trip. Specifically, pictures of herself and her friends. Far from finding it sleazy that I want to take pictures of them to post on the internet, the girls were flattered and more than happy to “play model” for me.


Why so serious?IMAG0251.jpg

At the main entrance and ready to have a good time!IMAG0277.jpg

If you look really closely, you may notice a lawn in the background. IMAG0234.jpg

Front steps of the Ritz Mansion. Make sure to have her home before midnight.


I’m not a big fan of seafood but i’m getting the urge to buy some fish from this stall specifically.


Entrance to the Paiwan portion of the cultural heritage park.


Example of what a chieftains house would have looked like. Girls not included.