For those of you who appreciate the finer things in life, this place might make you cream yourself. Even for the likes of us who are more into fighting, fucking and feasting, this was pretty cool.  Many of the statues also come with a related fact or two about ancient, aboriginal culture, legend and tradition.


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“The silver helmet is only worn on festive occasions such as the completion of a new boat or the completion of a new house. When the flying fish season starts, the men wave the silver helmet by the sea to welcome the fish schools and pray for a bountiful harvest.”



“The linked cup is a wine vessel unique to the Paiwan tribe, used during special festivals and weddings celebrations. Drinking through the linked cup is intended to demonstrate harmony and affinity. The linked cup consists of one, two or up to three cups.”


“Legend has it that the ancestor of the Rukai tribe was born in an urn. The child was protected and fed by the Hundred Pace Viper and grew up to found the tribe. The Hundred Pace Viper is therefore worshiped among the Rukai as a symbol of the ancestral spirits and the tribes guardian spirit. The urn is considered an important family heirloom as well.”


IMAG0308.jpg“The nose flute is said to be crafted by the Paiwan tribe in an attempt to imitate the voice of their ancestral spirit- The Hundred Pace Viper. In Early times, only the aristocracy or champions were allowed to play the nose pipes. It is now played by the tribe for expressing their feelings.”

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“By tradition, Indigenous women are responsible for all kinds of domestic chores. These include: cooking, collecting kindling, looking after the children, weaving and sewing.”


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“The Ruki society is base on a clearly defined hierarchy. Social status may be inherited and also earned. These can be seen in their headdresses and decorations.”


“Legend has it that the ancestors of the Amis tribe took refuge in a wooden mortar during a great flood. The mortar floated a cross the seas to what is today Penghu where they established the Amis tribe.”


“Legend has it that there were once two suns in the sky. The heat was unbearable until the ancestors of the Bunu tribe climbed to the top of Mt Jade and blinded one of the suns so it is now the cool moon.”

IMAG0321.jpg“The Thao new year occurs between early August by the lunar calendar and mid Autumn festival. At the end of July, the people of the tribe gather in the chieftains house for new years eve and announce the start of new year with the thumping of pestles.”


“The Kavalan tribe is skilled at weaving cloth out of banana trees. To collect the fibers, the Kalavan make an offering of wine to the god then scrape away the fibers while the bark is still half dry. Banana cloth is very thin and very comfortable to wear during summer.”



“Wrestling is one of the traditional forms of martial training for men of the tribe. It not only represents strength and heritage but also fertility and bountiful harvests”